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We helped a new brand increase their organic traffic from zero to over $50,000 in revenue. This let them grow their advertising faster than they could have on their own. In just 10 months, the brand went from starting out to making $200,000 per month. And they're still growing! For the first 6 months, we focused on creating an SEO plan. The focus point of the plan was to organize all collection pages and blog content for the next 2 years. These pages were made to attract potential customers by covering every possible topic related to what they sell.

Over the course of the next few months we made sure to implement our content plan, build links, fix technical errors, while implementing our SEO workflows for more efficient work.

Lets dive into the project and break down our complete SEO framework.


We where approached by a new business that wanted to launch a product line in the US. They are from Europe and had a great product idea but no website which means we had to create a approach SEO from a different angle than if it was an established business.

We agreed that it was a long term project and got to work after they registered their new website in May 2023 and started working on our SEO strategy.

The Revenue Driven Framework

We apply our FLOW SEO framework for all projects and even this was a new project it was not any differen. The framework can be broken into four steps.

1. Foundations

2. Leverage

3. Optimize

4. Workflows

From $0 to $762,858 in total revenue over 10 months.

1. Foundations

Laying the foundations of the project is essential when launching new website and that starts with keyword research, clustering, planning, and implentementing of the content plan. For new Shopify stores it is also important to fix theme URL structure for optimal technical performance. The reason is due to limitations when it comes to how Shopify sets up URL structrure which causes URL bloating and SEO issues moving forward.

After we made sure their template was working properly we started working on gathing all keywords we could find. We used Ahrefs, SemRush, as well as getting keywords from Reddit and other popular forums to extact questions and concerns prospects had.

After gathering more than 50,000 keywords accross different tools and platforms we created a single file with all keywords and clustered the keywords which gave us 1800 groups of clusters, that means we have 1800 possible pages to build out to establish top level topical authority while covering every possible angle for the products.

The clusters where then broken down into different groups - collection pages, products, blogs, landing pages, and tools. After organizing we ended up with 600 clusters we wanted to target.

This gave us a SEO foundations to move forward with the project.

2. Leverage

We started creating content and building out tools we could later leverage when we started our custom outreach process.

High quality buying guides, calculators, reviews, comparison guides and other useful content. Using the keywords from the cluster report we started scraping sites in their market and ended up with a big list of sites we narrowed down according to our outreach quality guidelines.

We started reaching out to these sites offerent content or other helpful resources and started landing niche relevant, high quality backlinks for our client.

3. Optimize

Optimizing product and collection pages is an important part of a ecommerce store but as these we where working with a new store we focused on optimizing content while being created.

While we monitor content over time and optimize based on feedback when working with more established sites we can often find low hanging fruits when optimizing current pages based on traffic data.

4. Workflow

When it comes to Ecommerce ongoing audits, monitoring pages, traffic, errors is essential so building out effective workflows to make sure those things get done is equally important.

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