We help Shopify Brands Scale Their Organic Traffic
We work with Shopify brands to launch, refine and scale their organic traffic through our proven SEO framework.
Our Revenue Driven SEO Framework
We lay the building blocks of successful SEO.
We create assets we can leverage for organic growth.
We optimize pages so they are equiped to drive revenue.
We implement workflows and systems to scale traffic.
Our core value define us who we are as team
Our core values reflect in our work which defines our results.
We champion clear, open communication, ensuring that clients and team members alike are fully informed and involved in every step of our process.
Test Everything
We rigorously test strategies and techniques to distill what truly works, optimizing our campaigns based on real-world data and outcomes.
We thrive on pushing boundaries and exploring new frontiers in SEO, constantly seeking out novel solutions and technologies.
Our ambition is not just to grow our agency, but to be catalysts for growth for our clients, employees, and the broader community.
Team work
We believe in the power of collaboration, drawing on the diverse strengths and perspectives of our team to solve complex challenges and achieve our common goals.
Average clients results after our services
We guarantee results. Every website we work with sees organic growth, increased revenue, and on average our clients see a 755% increase in organic growth.
Over the past 15 years, I’ve worked on more than 1000 websites.
Clients have consistently rated our services 5/5.
We have a close to 100% retention rate with our clients. They simply do not leave us.

Team work makes SEO work

Key foundations of organic growth is the collaborations between everyone, the brand and the agency working on SEO.

Tryggvi Rafn
CEO of Clickflow SEO
We are a global team.
We are based in places from Iceland to Australia but our customer base is mostly located in the US.
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